The user uses the MNB Securities balance online inquiry system (hereinafter: ESZLA), and the MNB monitors, records and logs the use of this electronic system according to the limitations stipulated in Article 142/A. (4) of Act CXX of 2001 on capital markets. ESZLA uses cookies to make sure that the user can enjoy the highest possible standard of service. ESZLA uses inquiry cookies for identification when the user logs into the system, and after the identification, this cookie is deleted from ESZLA. For a detailed description of the use of cookies please follow this link on the MNB’s website: Cookie Guidelines. In addition, ESZLA applies feedback cookies, too, which exist only during the feedback from the system, and after that they are deleted. The user is allowed to use the ESZLA only for the checking of the position of her/his securities account and customer account on the last day of the previous month. It is forbidden to use the ESZLA for any other purpose, and its use entails criminal or civil liability. By starting to use ESZLA, the user accepts and understands the above information.